The Ultimate Collection 2006-2016

from Wizwars

This downloadable collection includes:
* Every Wizwars EP / LP / Split / Compilation / EVER, including rare & previously unreleased material
* 31 Original Modplug Files
* 21 Original Famitracker Files
* 89 Original LSDJ Files, including unfinished and unreleased material

All for the low price of $30! Save over $100 from purchasing each release separately on Bandcamp!

This archive is 1.25GB large. When you make the purchase, I will share the ZIP file with you via Dropbox (you must have a dropbox account, it's free, and you should have one anyway). If your paypal email address isn't the email you wish me to share the link with, please include the correct one when sending payment.

 $30 USD



Wizwars Norwalk, California

Wizwars (aka Kevyn Gnartinez) is a Southern California based artist who uses Nintendo Game Boys to mix melody with chaos and create high energy chiptune anthems. Since 2006, Wizwars has played 60+ shows across the US, released several demo EPs, helped establish a chiptune festival in DTLA as a co-founder of 8bitLA, and in 2013 released their first album, ウィズウォーズの伝説. ... more

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